Gorgeous Gray

Gorgeous Gray


Beauty does not only occur when the

sea is a soft, bright blue and the sky

fills with fluffy, white clouds;

true beauty transpires when the two

merge into the same shade of

flawless gray, so much so that

it’s impossible to tell where one ends

and the other begins.


  1. Leslie Stockton

    i truly appreciate you liking my post, but i do not subscribe to your christian faith at all or ever ..but i wanted u to know this .. take care and thanks again…

  2. I thought this poem was really beautiful and soft!

  3. D. Raymond-Wryhte

    I have experienced what you describe here, and I managed to take a photograph of one scene in which the gray horizon line was all but invisible even though silver sunlight sparkled on the water.
    As for the concept of two becoming one in love, I have employed the image of blue blending with yellow to make green.

  4. what is thought to be separate is actually unified. love your poem.

  5. akateraka


  6. Such a deep full meaning I also like this! Greetings from newbie on the block! Thank’s for visiting me 🙂

  7. Soothing poetry

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