The adorable look in her eyes said

I        love        you        this        much

but the words from her mouth spat

poison like a fountain of disdain. Her

harsh utterances clamped his heart

like the tires of a towed car—sedentary

until she decides to release him. Her

cuddly body is hidden beneath a coat

of anger—he can’t be surprised, though,

for he forced her to wear it. Their fighting

words linger in the room for hours—but

soon enough a sweet aroma covers their

words and they are back to saying

I          love          you         this         much

neither of them flirt with the idea of

leaving—for they would rather live a life

of sugar and spice than risk being bland.


  1. That’s a great poem. Your words really capture both the love and anger.

  2. Amazing ending I wonder how many people are really like this

  3. Wow. I really felt this piece.

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