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Raindrop Love

Raindrop Love   After the sun sets for the final time, the evening stars will glisten amongst the angels—weeping may go on all night but joy comes in the morning— and now the dawn has broken through the walls of pain and dried the tears of the past as if they never hid my heart …

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Evening Thought: To My Parents

Evening Thought: To My Parents You never told me I didn’t understand love, that I couldn’t; that I was too young to grasp the idea, maybe you never thought about it, or maybe you just didn’t say it aloud, but I think you knew I did. I’ve always known what love is, because I saw …

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BENTLEY I miss you I miss the way your fat little body moved across the floor I miss the way you fell on the bed every night with a grunt I miss they way your tail slid across the floor, sweeping up the dust I miss the way you always comforted me when I cried …

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