The distance between two points

increases over time—like a map

being stretched little by little every

day. Force it too far and it snaps like

an old, overused rubber band. Instead

give it a rest and fold it in half a few

times. Though now, the map is distorted

and can no longer navigate from point

A to point B efficiently. Instead, the

journey entails trekking over folds

and bends and dead-ends until you

reach your destination with much

frustration. While the long expedition

leaves you with bumps and bruises

you are also left with a good story and

a map filled with memories within every

fold and bend and dead end.



  1. Very much like driving in Costa Rica!


    Personally meaningful to me… thanks

  3. I love this analogy… true! x

  4. Beautifully written – wise and thoughtful words indeed. Virginia

  5. Very thought provoking! Blessings!

  6. very beautiful ! Love it…..


  1. Journey | johndwmacdonald

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