My time with you is limited—all I hear is the

metronome of our descending clock

reverberating through my mind.


I want to take a piece of you with me when I go—


Tuck your laughter under my arm like a book of

poetry so I can read it whenever I please—


Then stuff your arms in my pockets so I can feel

your warm embrace whenever I’m feeling down.


But I can’t cut pieces of you like I can slice a piece of pie—


I can have all of you or none of you. But I don’t ever

want to choose none of you.


  1. Thoughtful and lovely poetry. Virginia

  2. This feels lovely soft and romantic. The cutting off the arms is a bit harsh, but I know what you’re saying.;-) Alice

  3. Ah love and life! Beautiful and sad at the same time.

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