Spring Cleaning

The vacuum screams across the floor—but I’ll

Take that over your screams any day—in fact,

I cleaned the floors yesterday. But you’re soaking

Your words with so much deception I’m left

Drowning in them until only my eyes are left

Floating above the lies that seep from your mouth

Like a waterfall. You say to turn that monster

off—well this seems harmless compared to the

fiend standing before me. So with only my eyes,

I push the machine across the floors until the

carpet is as clean as can be.


  1. Cannot tell you how many times I have buried frustrations in housework this hits home

  2. Love this! Great opening line!

  3. Really great poem! I like the line breaks, they work really well. I can definitely relate with finding things to keep me busy to avoid dealing with someone!

  4. Been there. Great work, thanks for sharing.

  5. Very well written. Thanks.

  6. dokurtybitz

    very nice and *hugs*

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