Birds of a Feather

For the first time in her life, she felt like a sea

shell—something to be picked up, looked at,


maybe admired by some, but soon thrown

back into the sand without a second thought.


She didn’t want that—she didn’t want to be a

silver charm that hangs on a bracelet and bangs


against the countless other charms she’s beside.

No one will notice her stuck in the sand or blending


in on a bracelet for she looks just like everyone

else. She wanted to be a colorful feather on a


bird, one that helps it go from bland to beautiful, so

beautiful that it is impossible to get lost in a sea of


sand or a line of charms, for she is unique and always

comes prepared with a map to lead her back to herself,


  1. Yoshiko

    Somehow, I feel that it is like in everyone else even children and babies. Correct me if I interpret it wrongly. Thanks. 🙂

  2. At work lunch the other day I found my female colleagues had all had their nails done like mine – my reaction was to feel like I wanted to run out and have something different done to my nails – I want that colorful feather of your poem!

  3. I nominate you Super Sweet Blogging Award, Ashley. Please check it out at 🙂 Wish you have a nice day.

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