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One Winter Night

The wind whispers words of hope as the dark and light sky settles to a subtle gray–only getting a surge of color from the lighting that streaks the sky and strikes the earth, while the thunder echoes through the crevices of the valleys– filling the land with a flood of clatter– smooth rain caresses your …

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In Azusa

God banged his wand against the mountains and out poured the city of canyons like vultures. They don’t stray too far, instead they are on lockdown in the east and the west, creating a scene of holiness alongside the catbrier.   The morning light and evening haze form a shadow of mystery that covers the …

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Evening Thought: To My Parents

Evening Thought: To My Parents You never told me I didn’t understand love, that I couldn’t; that I was too young to grasp the idea, maybe you never thought about it, or maybe you just didn’t say it aloud, but I think you knew I did. I’ve always known what love is, because I saw …

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