Park Bench

This morning marks the anniversary, the anniversary of two people dying. The open air of the park allows his thoughts to run wild as he sits alone on a bench. Today is an anniversary of days, months, years, decades—he doesn’t know. But this morning is the anniversary of the ending of a great love story—the final chapter came to a close with a tragic ending, or maybe a happy one—he doesn’t know. The only things he knows for certain is he wishes he knew them—he wishes he had a copy of their life to read over and over until the pages yellow with worn, because they changed the world. The union of these two people that died on this very day inspired young love like Hemingway inspired young writers, it created new life like Van Gough created new paintings. The book of their journeys is filled with words of wisdom and lyrics of love to inspire all who read it—though he can’t tatter the pages of these two strangers lives, because he doesn’t even know their name, but he knows they are important.

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  1. What a haunting piece with such searching and so many unanswered or half-answered questions

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