The Waltz

Once I danced with a vengeance so strong

I couldn’t even finish the song because the

night was scorched with his breath


Now I dance with nothing but your hand

In mine and a sweet glass of wine because

Your breath blesses the night air.


We don’t ever worry about finishing a

Song for we have enough spring in our

Step to last through a lifetime of albums.


And for a lifetime we danced and with each

Passing year I learned that the tighter I held

You, the sweeter the sound of the music.


Until we reached the tracks of our platinum

Record and learned that the best way to end

A night of dancing is to seal it with a kiss.


  1. How magical. Very beautifuly worded..

  2. Reblogged this on dithyrambs & ditties and commented:
    I can sing this and I have not even finished reading.! 😉

    • when I read this I imagine a lifetime-love. Very beautiful.

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