Raindrop Love

Raindrop Love


After the sun sets for the final time, the evening

stars will glisten amongst the angels—weeping may

go on all night but joy comes in the morning— and now

the dawn has broken through the walls of pain and

dried the tears of the past as if they never hid my heart

or soaked into my soul, for the only crying that happens

is the weeps of the angels as they leap for joy at the

sight of you and I together, because earthly love taking

a heavenly form is the profound escalation of something

wonderful because the greatest of these is love and now

we are reaping the benefits of God’s gift alongside our

parents, grandparents, and especially great-grandparents

for they are familiar and have nested in the clouds next to

the babbling brooks that cascade through the sky and fall

onto the earth, touching those we’ve left behind, melting

into their skin with the message of our love and the location

of the home we’ve saved for them at the foot of the throne.


  1. eclipsedbylight

    Shiveringly beautiful.

  2. Stunning!

  3. Sreejit Poole

    wow, this is really beautiful

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