In Azusa

God banged his wand against the mountains and out poured the city of canyons

like vultures. They don’t stray too far, instead they are on lockdown in the east

and the west, creating a scene of holiness alongside the catbrier.


The morning light and evening haze form a shadow of mystery that covers the

hills like a blanket. Only the afternoon is screwed, for it arrives too late for the

early crisp air yet too soon for the late night, heather clouds. It could be in luck, though,

for the world is changing as it always has and always will.


  1. Great writing with amazing imagery. I love the use of vultures and how afternoon is screwed.

  2. I love the opening metaphor – powerful picture. Your words drew me with their deceptively gentle tone. Very nicely done Ashley Cameron.

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    You can get the details here:

    Have fun

    • thank you so much! I am so honored 🙂 I have previously gotten this award so I will answer your questions on my already existing post 🙂

  4. very cool poem – good imagery
    possible typos in the first line “our poured” and next to the last line “thought”

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog. : ) God Bless. Alesia

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