The Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by…thank you Nicole!! Everyone be sure to go to her blog…it’s pretty great. I was also nominated by…visit that blog as well 🙂 very beautiful writing.

Liebster Award Rules:

1. Post 11 things about yourself
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator
3. Nominate 11 blogs (newer, up and coming blogs, with less than (or thereabouts) 200 followers) and inform them
4. Compose 11 new questions for your nominees
5. And don’t forget to post of the Liebster Award Badge to your page (grab it from the internet)

11 Facts:

1. I should be studying for two midterms right now (oh well)

2. Many people say I look like Taylor Swift..I think it’s the bangs

3. I love to do Yoga

4. I drink coffee way too much

5. I have a dog named Charlie

6. I do not like hot weahter

7. I enjoy long car rides

8. I do my best writing in the morning when I sit in bed with coffee

9. I do not like carbonated drinks

10. I love to bake and I am trying to become a better cook

11. I love rings…I wear quite a few on a daily basis

Questions from Nominator:

1.  What object, person or idea is most important to you in your life right now?

My family, boyfriend, and Bible.

2.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A writer, mother, and paralegal

3.  Do you like cats?  Why or why not?

Not particularly, they kind of freak me out

4.  How do you feel about the way the HBO show girls portrays 20 somethings living in the city?

I’ve never seen it :\

5.  What are you most afraid of?


6.  Do you often feel misunderstood by those closest to you?

No, they normally understand me fairly well

7.  What is your current favorite movie and why?

The Words…I just love the music, acting, and overall storyline

8.  How many times have you thought you were in love?  How many times were you really in love?

Once…once 🙂

9.  What is the thing you are most proud of accomplishing thus far in your life?

Being in College..and being successful with it (so far)

10.  If you could speak a new language what would it be and why?

Spanish…that could come in handy a lot

11.  I liked this question from my nominator, so I will pass it on to you.  If you could share one thing you learned from this year what would it be?

To learn to spend more time doing what you love 🙂

Questions from 2nd Nominator:

1 How many times a week do you blog?

I try to every day…because I am trying to write at least once a day..but if that doesn’t happen I don’t beat myself up about it.

2 Poetry or Prose?

3 How long have you been writing? Why do you write?

Since I was very young…though my writing when I was 7 probably wasn’t that great…I write because I love it and I’ve always loved it…I’m not sure why I love it so but I think it is just embedded into me.
4 What is the piece of your own writing you like most?

I think I might like my “Crying” poem because I wrote it when I was literally crying so I feel like it is more raw and honest.
5 Have you travelled?

Not that much…I went to spain for a class trip a few years back.
6 Have you any hobbies?

Only writing…though it will hopefully be my career
7 what do you want to accompish with your writing?

I hope to become a published writer
8 Are you character or plot driven?

Hmmm…probably character
9 Ispirational book?

I really love Their Eyes were Watching God
10 Inspirational music?

I really like the song Beauty Within by Dead Prez 🙂 always puts me in a good mood
11 What do you do with your life when your not writing?

I go to my classes, exercise, watch movies, read, nothing terribly exciting 🙂

11 Questions for Nominees:

1. What is your favorite book?

2. What would you do for the rest of your life if money was no object?

3. What is your favorite meal you like to cook?

4. What is your most favorite scene from a movie?

5. How do you like having a blog?

6. What object in your life could you never live without?

7. What/where has been your favorite vacation?

8. If you could go anywhere in the world..where would you go?

9. What is your biggest pet peeve?

10. What movie are you most excited to see this year?

11. I will also steal a question from my nominator…If you could share one thing you learned from this year what would it be?

11 Nominees:














  1. I got nominated too. I wish they’d finally give it to me; my bathroom walls are empty.

  2. Steve


  3. A

    Congratulations! Great job 🙂

  4. Congrats! 🙂

  5. Congrats and thanks a million for the nomination!! 🙂

  6. Lead Our Lives

    Congratulations to you Ashley!

  7. I nominated you back Ashley! 🙂

  8. Yoshiko

    Ashley, congratulations. Interesting to get to understand you.


  1. Try for this size: The Liebster | caffeinated sonnets

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