I cling onto you as rain pounds on the rooftop.

My grip tightens around your arm as it beats

louder – desperately trying to get in.


Maybe it’s tears waiting to envelop my body, or

maybe it’s fresh water planning to cleanse my

heart. I’m too afraid to find out.


My nails leave impressions on your arm – forever

imprinting you with my fear; leaving dents in your

flesh, just as it did in my soul – we are one in the same.


I’m too afraid to let the rain in – but you’re not.

you tell me to hold on to you again…that we’ll go



My hand finds its way back to your arm, filling in

your holes just as you filled mine, until together,

we are whole.


No longer broken, the rain doesn’t faze us. You say I’ve

suffered enough, and together we step outside and let

the rain seep into our skin – nothing happens.

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  1. Beautiful imagery. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my page. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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