I want to go back to a place I never was;

Somewhere where dehydration and weariness

never overcome my body.


But instead, my desiccated self is exactly

where You want me to be; step by step I am

furthering your plan.


Though my thirst grows with each heavy step,

You offer refreshments that satisfy not just

the thirst of my body, but of my soul.


Your whispers of motivation reverberate

through my body as your hydration flows

through my veins.


You bring new life to my once parched bones,

building strength until each step gets lighter

and lighter.


I surrender myself to You, for only You hold

the potion to enrich my somnolent limbs from the

dry air that surrounds me daily.


1 Comment

  1. thenerdyscribe

    Makes me think of being in the desert. Wonderful poem!

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