It’s a Wonderful Life of New Possibilties

It’s a Wonderful Life of New Possibilities

We felt something enter the air, like the laughter of kids at a merry-go-round;

except it was more than that; closer to a sigh,

a noise that brightened us like the moon

brightens the sky, or even how dish soap

leaves plates feeling brand new, allowing no room for revenge

from the past, just room for new shoes.

I welcome the novel, because your new shoes

are a lot like your old ones; they bring me back to the merry-go-round

and the days of our youth filled with revenge

instead of letting things like that go with a relieved sigh;

on that fateful day, we gleefully moved on, reaching for the dish soap

to rinse our past, and brighten our future with the help of the moon.

I remember the first time, we thought we were bright like the moon

but our sky was turning dull, and dirt formed on your shoes

from our long, tiring trek; though we tried to find dish soap

all we found was an empty bottle and a retired merry-go-round

with only the faint sound of laughter, because our sighs

overpowered our love with tainted revenge.

Now, however, something in the air replaced our old revenge

with new stars; perhaps they were always there, but now the moon

burns bright and allows them to manifest with a happy sigh

and suddenly your dirt is gone and your shoes

are prepared for our new trek as we hear faint laughter from the merry-go-round

and our empty bottle is filled to the brim with dish soap.

The aroma from our fresh vanilla dish soap

lets us to leave behind our memories of revenge

and take the time to listen to the laughter from the merry-go-round,

because, in fact, it isn’t kids laughter, but ours. We watch the moon

and the stars shine brightly on your clean, newly protected shoes

and as the day goes on, our laughter turns to fulfilled sighs.

We hold hands and appreciate the noise of our sigh

because it left our past behind with the help of vanilla dish soap

and now loose dirt falls off and reveals your new shoes

are really your old ones, I am just looking from a new perspective with no revenge

and only the light from the stars and the moon,

which you gladly present to me just like George Bailey, only we are on a merry-go-round.

These beautiful sighs envelop our old revenge

and now we smell of vanilla dish soap under the radiant moon

with your clean, old shoes that compliment our new memories from the merry-go-round.

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