Each day I come to a fork in the road;

two paths lay out before me, only one has

Your hand reaching out to me. Sometimes

my clarion sight brings me straight to your

grasp, while other times, the penumbras

within my life cloud my vision and I don’t

seem to see Your hand in either paths, or sometimes

I see it in both. I want You in your entirety in my every

moment, but that only comes from flawless choices,

I wish You could control my mind and my thoughts,

leading me effortlessly to the correct path every day,

but You tell me I must direct my thoughts to You on

my own, seeking you not with worrisome thoughts but

trusting sighs of relief, for that is what brings me peace.


  1. Hi, Ashley. I love how you play with words! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your support.

  2. Amen. : )

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