Plain & Simple

Plain and Simple


I love him. I can rack my brain,

searching for poetic ways to express

my feelings for this wonderful man.


But I can’t. There is no stronger

word than love. Nothing that

captures the essence of our


life together that started just five

years ago. Adjectives add

embellishment, yet still don’t


elicit the full passion of what is

in the depths of my heart. Nothing

other than love. Even words like


adoration, devotion, infatuation,

lust, captivation, smitten, or amour

can capture my intentions. But I still


try to find new ways to show you

that  I am desperately, painstakingly,

whole-heartedly, and dearly in love.


  1. this poem makes me feel “Ahhhh”

    • A good “ahhh” I hope 🙂

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