Divine Compliance

Divine Compliance

He commands me to follow Him

one step at a time.

Though the temptation to skip ahead

increases with each passing moment.

Those looming mountains in the distance

appear too daunting for my fragile frame.

Why can’t I follow You, but still move

four or five steps ahead?

Hopefully leaping over those mountains, as to not

lift a finger, but instead be effortlessly lifted by Your wings.

Sadly, obedience calls for a different sort of attitude,

one where I don’t skip steps, but instead follow them one at a time.

Because life’s greatest journeys don’t stem from soaring

around hardships, but from climbing over them

with the equipment provided by Him.

So I must remain in the present,

not yearning for it to be over, but enjoying

looking at Your face directly in front of me,

instead of the mountains off in the distance,

which don’t appear too daunting anymore.


  1. stevehi

    Very nice ! Once in a while you should leap for the stars , just because you can …..

    • I will 🙂 thank you

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