Tanner nodded in and out of consciousness as he stared at his computer screen. The clock read 4:45, only fifteen more minutes until the end of the workday.

           Eh, who would really care if I left a little early?

He arose from his desk and grabbed his jacket from the hanger on the back of his door.

While putting his jacket on, he heard a sound come from his computer. Tanner sighed. He walked back to his desk and leaned over his chair only to see the “new mail” notification on his screen and clicked it.

“I know what you did and you’re going pay.”

Tanner laughed, but it immediately faded.

           Crazy people. He thought to himself and forced a laugh.

He looked at the sender. “becarefulwhatyouwishfor@aol.com

Tanner immediately closed his mail, shut off his computer and left his office.

What is going on?

As he walked down the hall of the firm, he stopped at his friends Richard’s office and opened the door. “Hey Rich, quick question.”

Richard looked up from his computer. “What do you need?”

“Did you send me a joke email just now?” Tanner knew Richard’s weird sense of humor and he could have easily been responsible for the strange email.

Richard pretended to think very hard. “Hm, email, email, email. Joke? Hm…not ringing a bell. What was it?”

“Oh nothing, never mind. See you tomorrow.”

“See ya, Tanner.”

Tanner twirled his wedding ring as he walked to his car. What did I do?  He racked his brain trying to think of the worst thing he’s ever done, but his mind was blank. Some one had to be messing with him.

Tanner drove home in silence trying to think of anything he had “wished for” recently, and yet again his mind was blank.

As he arrived at his house, the smell of lemon chicken filled the air. His favorite. “Hey sweetie!” he yelled as he took off his jacket and hung it on the hook by the door.

Lisa appeared in the walkway. “Hi love, how was work?” she wiped her hands on her apron.

“Oh it was okay. Same ole same ole.” Tanner said as he walked over to Lisa and kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s nice, just give me a minute and I’ll have dinner on the table.” she smiled and removed her apron.

Tanner sat at the table and waited as Lisa came from the kitchen and placed a plate of lemon chicken and rice in front of him. She disappeared into the kitchen again and brought out her own plate.

“How was your day, sweetie?” Tanner said as he took a bite.

“Oh it was fine.”

Diving right in, Tanner said “Lisa, what would you say is the worst thing I’ve done?”

Lisa took a bite. “That’s an odd question. Why do you ask?”

Tanner thought for a moment. “We had an ethics seminar at work this week and I guess it got me thinking.”

Lisa poured Tanner and herself a glass of wine. “Hm. I’m not sure, sweetie.”

“Yeah nothing came to mind for me either. I guess I’m perfect….just like you.” Tanner smiled and lifted his glass, expecting her to do the same.

“Well actually sweetie.” she didn’t look up, “What about when you screwed that slut from the coffee shop?”

Tanner looked up as Lisa took a drink of wine. “Um. What?” he set his fork down.

“Gosh, sweetie. You never listen to me. I said what about when you screwed that slut from the coffee shop?” she said with a smile.

“Uh. Um. How do you know about that?” he tried to grab her hand but she pulled away and clasped her hands in her lap. “Lisa. Honey. That was months ago. It meant nothing. It was only the one time.” he asked again, “How did you find out?”

“Because, honey. I had you followed,” she said matter-of-factly. “And it was not months ago, Tanner. It was last week” her voice remained calm.

“Lisa, honey. I’m sorry. You know I love you…” He paused, “so you sent me that email?”

“Oh really? Do you love me Tanner? Is that why you told your little girlfriend you wished you had a way out of our marriage?” Lisa pulled out a gun from under the table.

Tanner started to get up and raised his hands. “No-”

Lisa cut him off.

“Well, sweetie,” Tanner heard a click. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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