Flashing red lights filled the night sky, piercing the darkness like a knife.

Sirens reverberated over every corner of the street.

Nobody would sleep tonight.

Fear enveloped his heart, guilt saturated everywhere else

He never should have left her alone

He tried to get as close as possible, but the paramedics kept him at a distance.

All he wanted to do was protect her.

Watching as they wheeled her body out, he forced back the tears.

She was going to be all right, he repeated over in his mind.

The paramedics tried to hold him back, but he fought through them.

They let him get in the ambulance with her.

He stared at her, waiting for her to move, but she never did.

He looked into her eyes; the sparkle that once shined so bright, had now withered.

He grabbed her hand.

Wishing, waiting,

Hoping, Praying.

Until finally, her hand squeezed his own.

The most powerful grasp he ever felt.

Hope replaced the fear that had just drenched his body.

And he now realized he can still protect her,

As long as he never leaves her side.

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