The overwhelming feeling of joy lightens my expression as I perceive his glittering eyes watching over me.

The anger and frustration of a long day are washed away with one flash of his crooked smile.

His powerful love pierces through the tough exterior I call my heart.

I am cleansed of my pain, I feel more alive then ever.

I forget all of my suffering as he pulls me into a warm embrace.

Nothing is better than this moment.

I am too afraid to look away.

Afraid he will disappear.

Afraid I will never see him again.

His promise to never leave me reverberates through my mind.

He said that last time too.

His loving words gradually get softer.

I can no longer feel his arms around me.

I can no longer see that crooked smile.

I plea for him to come back to me

I yearn for his warm embrace

But he can no longer hear me

My pleas escalate into screams and I fall to my knees

Begging, sobbing, yearning.

Tears blur my vision as he grows fainter and farther away

I beg him to not break his promise again.

I continue screaming until my eyelids fly open.

I am lying in my bed alone.

I close my eyes in the hope of seeing him again, but I am too late.

He is already gone.

I have left my haven and awakened to the nightmare that is reality.

My sorrow; I could not awaken

And all I loved, I loved alone

For there was nothing I could do to bring my father back to me.

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